We understand that in today's market, you are looking to provide greater business value to your end-user customers. We can help. When you partner with CNM Wireless, we'll put our team behind your team and help fill in the gaps. We'll build on your experience, enhance your expertise and help your team capture new and bigger opportunities.

CNM's unique model combines an array of advanced services and expert technical resources with a far-reaching supply chain to provide you the level of solution support you need – whenever you need it. Our technology practices bring deep technical skills in vital solution areas to help you implement strategic technologies.

Our Process

CNM Wireless includes a team of highly trained and experienced Project Managers that have done hundreds of deployments nationwide. These project managers will work closely with your designated team to create a project plan to manage the process, develop metrics to analyze the success, work within your policies and procedures and ensure that a concrete plan is developed and executed. We also offer services to configure, stage and deploy devices, and pre-load applications prior to shipping or deploying.

  • Process orders, activations, ports and upgrades
  • Address book/contact information transfer
  • Pre-load applications
  • Custom configuration of mobile devices
  • Customized ordering portals
  • Staging, kitting, provisioning, testing, activating and deploying
  • Metrics development and analysis
  • Asset management



Access to industry tested and proven technologies are important to CNM and our clients. That's why our partners include companies and organizations whose offerings complete the full circle of wireless communications. Rely on CNM's system integration expertise and business partner alliances to support your wireless operations.

Support Team

CNM's full service support provides customers with the best possible customer experience, assists in enhancing and growing business relationships, and upholds a good rapport with departments for other functional business areas of CNM. We will work hard to maintain joint work, cooperative action and excellent communication with all of our customers, both external and internal, to provide full support whenever needed. In doing so, we will be able to continue to further the growth of our company through our diligence, compassion and our relentless efforts to be the difference in distribution.


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